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www.bestsdissertation.com review

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www.bestsdissertation.com review and discounts


PhD projects are stressful and overwhelming. Students need help with completing their doctoral projects. Everyone wants an outstanding dissertation but far from everybody has time and writing skills, enough imagination and decided upon the topic of a dissertation, to begin with. There are plenty of online helpers, websites providing with help upon writing academic papers.


The website is quite easy at navigation. There is a navigation bar available for making it easier to browse the service and choose an option needed. You may get 20% off for your first order. I got a discount applying for help for the first time and I was very happy about it. There is a special offer, which is 5% off for 15-20 pages, 10% off for 51-100 pages and 15% off for over 101 pages of a dissertation. I looked through the positive testimonials the services provides with. There is an affiliate program.


I was promised a PhD writer in my area of studies but the paper I received was far from what I expected it to be. To say that the quality was poor is to say nothing. My happiness about the discount faded away in a blink of an eye. It seems to me that the service offers such a generous discount because of them to know about the quality to be tragically poor.

Quality of paper

The service claims to offer content of highest quality but I did not see any. I kept asking for help with some other assignments I needed for my studies but each time was a great disappointment in plan view of a quality. If I had a chance to start all over again and there was a choice back then to change a service for some other, I would without hesitating and would not even look the other way.

Policy of price

I cannot say the prices are affordable because they are not. The prices are way too high especially if to take into account the fact of how low the quality of papers is. In accordance with the timeframe and the level, you may view the pricing for your order in the table of prices if to go to the prices section on the navigation panel, which I did and I was a bit shocked with the pricing because in my humble opinion, it could have been smaller though I understand them to claim their team of 500 PhD writers to be the best and highly experienced, which costs money.

Order details

There is an application form in the order section of the website one is to fill in in order to make an order. It is rather time consuming and it took me quite some time to type in all the necessary fields. Just like any other application form of a website like this, you must fill it in with your personal information, contact and order details to make sure everything is filled in right and in a proper manner so your order was complete correct and on time.


In spite of all the benefits, any service has some let us be honest, including a set of free features such as free title page, bibliography, online/table of contents and revisions; I cannot recommend the website for further usage as long as its quality and pricing for the delivered papers are out of the picture.

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